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    Location is key

    It might be an old cliché but there is certainly a lot of truth to the ‘location, location, location’ adage. Location will always be high on the must-have list. Architect Keith Schembri will help you simplify the search by pin pointing what to look for when trying to find the location that positively impacts living quality and value.

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    Buying your first home

    To help you simplify the house hunt and get a dream home that possible also turns out to be a good financial investment, Architect Keith Schembri is joining the I Do Bridal Magazine’s team to offer some practical guidelines designed to assist in leading you to the perfect home sweet home!

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    It’s here! Welcome to KEIRO

    KEIRO is excited to announce the launch of our new (and awesome) website! We spend much of our time providing a high level of service for our clients, and we realized it was time to treat our website to the same level of care.